SPN Vid: S.O.B.

Jul. 17th, 2017 08:29 am[personal profile] switch842
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Title: S.O.B.
Fandom: Supernatural
Music: S.O.B by Nathaniel Rateliffe and the Night Sweats
Summary: A celebration of Dean's four favorite words. And one of his favorite leisure activities
Notes: This has been a long time coming. Like, two years. And I finally decided to buckle down a couple months ago and do it! So, I did! And now it's here! This premiered this past weekend at the Supernatural Chicago Con and now it has been released into the world! Enjoy!!

Fancy Dress Croquet Day!

Jul. 8th, 2017 09:02 pm[personal profile] switch842
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Today was the Second Annual Fancy Dress Croquet Day at the Lakefront. It was just as fun as it was last year! Even more so cos the husband and child came with this time.

So, what Fancy Dress Croquet Day is is, last year a friend of mine had this idea that we should all dress-up like Country Club douchebags and go down to the lakefront and have a picnic and play croquet! It was just as amazing as it sounds.

Here's something funny. Last year, there was a group of girls sunbathing who were totally amused by us and thought we were hilarious. Which, is kind of the point. They came over and chatted for bit and took some pictures. This year, a couple hours into our stay, a group of girls shows up and starts sunbathing (we were in the same place as last year). They look kind of familiar and I wonder if perhaps it's the same girls that were there last year. So, we're packing up to leave this year and one of them comes over and asks if we were there last year playing croquet and stuff. IT WAS THEM! It was sooooooooo funny!! Cos, what are the odds, really?

And then the day ended with Burger Fest! My friends who live in the city are lucky cos it's literally right outside their door! I wish we could have stayed later cos The Kongos were playing tonight!! But it was too late for Martouf and we just had to get home. So, yeah...

Anywho, there are some pics behind the cut if anyone is interested in our shenangians. :-)

Fancy Dress Croquet! )
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